When faced with water damage, having a well-thought-out restoration strategy is crucial. The alternative is pretty bad, as is the lack of foresight in calling in a professional service like HRS Restoration Services when it’s necessary. Waste no time, and begin by assessing the extent of the water damage. Understanding the source and the extent of the damage can help you address it at its root and use the appropriate tools and services for the job.

Safety will be the top priority of the water damage restoration experts, and it should also be yours. Evacuate the premises, and coordinate with the restoration experts or a skilled electrician to turn off electrical power to the affected areas and avoid electrical hazards.

If possible, you have to stop the flow of water at its source. Leaks must be fixed, the main water supply has to be closed, and any other necessary steps to prevent further water intrusion have to be taken as quickly as possible.

Before the cleanup process, you and your experts may have to document the damage for insurance purposes. Take photographs and make a detailed inventory of the affected areas and items. Also, ask your trusted water damage restoration professionals what the most important areas are when it comes to documentation, as doing so will prove to be extremely valuable when filing a claim.

Once all that is finished, it will be the job of your local experts to remove any standing water, dry out the space and dispose of damaged items that could present a hazard (such as mold growth or chemical contamination) if kept on the property in the long run.