Water Damage Denver Restoration Professionals

Water damage can be a homeowner’s nightmare, and it can lead to many additional problems such as mold buildup, health issues and long term property damage. Understanding water damage restoration in Denver, however, can make all the difference.

  1. It all starts with a thorough assessment of the damage. Certified local professionals will inspect your property to determine the extent of the water damage and categorize it (clean water, gray water, or black water). This crucial step helps in devising an effective restoration plan.
  2. Removing excess water is the next priority. Powerful pumps and vacuums are used to extract water from your property, including carpets, furniture, and walls.
  3. After water removal, the drying process begins. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers and high-speed fans are strategically placed to reduce moisture levels. This prevents mold growth and structural damage.
  4. Water damage often brings contaminants with it. Cleaning and sanitizing affected areas are essential to ensure a safe environment. This step also includes deodorizing to eliminate musty odors.
  5. Water damage can affect your personal belongings. Water damage Denver professionals are very good at assessing which items can be salvaged through cleaning and drying and which may need replacement.
  6. Mold can quickly develop in damp environments. Professionals take steps to prevent mold growth by thoroughly drying and sanitizing affected areas.
  7. Many restoration companies in Denver CO work with insurance companies to ensure a smooth claims process. They can help document the damage and provide necessary information to your insurer.
  8. A final inspection ensures that all water damage restoration work is completed to industry standards and that your property is left totally safe and habitable.