Failure to comply with fire safety regulations may result in fire in residential and non-residential premises. Often, the reason for this is household appliances, electronics, or faulty electrical cables.

Despite the use of fire safety systems, the number of fires does not decrease, and, in all the situations, thorough cleaning is required. Fire, smoke and soot may cause significant damage, which becomes even greater after the fire is extinguished, as a result of large amounts of water entering the rooms. In addition, fire particles are harmful to people`s health, if inhaled. Therefore, cleanliness after fire is extremely important, not only to restore the appearance of the affected space, but also to ensure the quality of the indoor environment.

In this regard, it is very important to make sure that the space is well ventilated. The combination of smoke with soot particles and aggressive fumes released by detergents used for cleaning can irritate the lungs and mucous membranes, so keep the windows open and use strategically placed fans to bring clean air indoors.

Residential homeowners are not required to equip their homes with a professional ventilation system for smoke control, but it should be remembered that such a precautionary measure can greatly ease the fire damage restoration process and may even save lives.

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