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Mold spores may enter the house through the air, but also through heating and ventilation systems. The rooms that are typically the most affected by mold are the bathroom and kitchen, but mold can also appear in other areas of the house, especially if there is water infiltration. Mold appears and develops in the walls, but also under parquet or on wooden surfaces, and may decompose paints or adhesives. It is quite difficult to get rid of it completely, that’s why you should turn to professional services that deal with mold remediation Denver area.

There are a few factors that contribute to the appearance and development of mold, and they are related to moisture, heat and the lack of adequate insulation.

  • A humid indoor environment – humidity and lack of proper ventilation favor the appearance of mold, especially in the cold season, due to large differences in temperature between the interior and the exterior.
  • Condensation – improper wall insulation blocks correct ventilation, so the moisture will remain trapped in and may create condensation – which is also conductive to mold development.
  • Water leaks – water leaks may occur in the house due to several reasons – a broken pipe, incorrect roof waterproofing etc., raising the air humidity levels.

You should always hurry with mold removal, because this problem does not go away by itself, on the contrary, it gets bigger and bigger and will affect not only the appearance of your house and your interior comfort, but also your health.