If you have homeowners insurance, disasters can sometimes become less costly. The fact of the matter is that homeowners insurance does cover certain types of disasters, but not others. The trick is to know in advance about the ones that are covered, so you can take the necessary steps and file a claim, before it’s too late and your insurance company no longer accepts it.

Disasters can take many forms and shapes, ranging from fires and flooding, to the aftermath of an earthquake or a tornado.

Also, disasters that affect only your home because of human error or an accident are different from natural disasters that you have/had no control over. These are all important points and factors to remember before considering talking to your insurer about the problem.

Depending on the coverage of your homeowners insurance policy, you can get extended cover to support you in the case of almost all types of perils, aside from floods, earthquakes, maintenance damage and sewer backup – which are typically excluded from most standard homeowners insurance policies. 

There are many of the restoration services Denver area contractors that will work directly with your insurance provider to ease the burden.

On the other hand, fire, lightning, damages caused by vehicles or aircraft, volcanic eruptions and the damages caused by snow and ice are all actually covered by most standard insurance policies, and you can also get extended special coverage for disasters caused by freezing, or accidental damage resulting from a malfunctioning plumbing or heating system.