water damage flooding home recovery

Floods can be caused by natural phenomena but also by leaking pipes and in both cases they can have disastrous consequences, depending on the amount of water that enters/ drains into your house.

Here are some tips in case you will ever deal with something like this.

  • Turn off the power, if your house is heavily flooded

To make sure you are safe, call the power company and ask them to turn off your power in the house. Do not use devices that must be plugged in. If the flood was severe, the gas pipes may also be damaged, so do not turn on the light either or use a lighter/ match.

  • Remove the water, ventilate and dry everything

Small amounts of water can be removed with a water-powered vacuum cleaner or a mop. Use a dehumidifier and fans to dry your home completely. The faster surfaces and objects dry, the lower the risk of permanent damage. However, the longer the humidity remains in the house, the greater the risk of moisture damage and mold formation. It’s best to hire a water damage team for immediate help.

If the flood was severe, you will probably need to turn to professional services provided by a water damage restoration company.

  • Check your pipes periodically

Check the condition of the pipes in your home on a regular basis, and if you discover problems, do not postpone solving them immediately.