Depending on where your office is located, water damage in the office ceiling is typically a sign of one of two things: either the company above you decided to flood your office in a feeble attempt to outshine your company, or you have a roofing leak on your hands.


The main thing to consider in the case of a roofing leak is that you need the support and expertise of a commercial roofing expert who knows how to deal with flat roofing issues quickly and efficiently. Since residential roofs are typically far different, this is the most important consideration you have to keep track of.


For the time being, however, you also have to consider containing the situation by going up to the roof, examining the damage and using whatever means you have at your disposal to guide water away from the damaged area. A tarp or a plastic material used to cover the crack will usually do the trick, but if the roof also suffers from pooling, then that won’t be a very effective solution for long.


Your best choice is to start by protecting the most sensitive equipment and document storage from the water and then call on your local disaster recovery, explain the situation, and have them repair the leak and damage as soon as possible.  Find the help you need when you need it at