If your building was damaged, it is very important to make
sure you have as much evidence as possible as to the nature of the damage and
how it affected your building.

Your insurance policy might cover it, but you
won’t be able to prove that it does, unless you have the necessary proof.

Taking photographs of damaged areas of a water damage restoration building or home has been a common practice to establish the compensation that homeowners and commercial building owners might be entitled to ever since the earliest days of film and photography. Now, with HD quality footage and photographs that have extremely high resolution, you can prove to your insurer that you’re definitely not just talking nonsense about the way and extent to which your building was damaged.

The great thing about having photographic evidence of what
happened is that, if your insurance company fails to address the issue properly
and the compensation they offer is not to your liking, you can always hire a
public adjuster or even an attorney to represent you in your quest for what is
rightfully yours.

Then, if need be, you can even take the case to court, and
with the right representation and the correct evidence, you’re sure to win.