Because of heavy rains or accidents (broken pipes and taps etc.),y our home can be seriously affected by water. Floods can cause damage to different objects and interior finishes: parquet, wallpaper, furniture, carpets etc. and, in severe situations, too much water may also weaken the structure of a building.

Drying a building after a flood can be done properly only with powerful professional dehumidifiers provided by water mitigation professionals, able to extract large amount of water that has penetrated the construction elements. Another source of moisture is represented by water infiltration in basements, or in homes built on the ground floor.

Professional dehumidifiers are designed to be strong enough to extract water from screeds, plasters, brick, stone etc. They have various applications: drying new constructions (screeds, plasters), drying buildings affected by floods or other infiltrations, maintaining a controlled humidity in wineries, archives, technical spaces, museums, warehouses, indoor swimming pools etc.

Water damage restoration companies are equipped with dehumidifiers that can extract approximately 500 liters of water (or even more!) from an area of ​​100 square meters, depending on the existent levels of humidity. Also, professionals can help you when you need them, with moisture level measurements in screeds, plasters and air, with a wide range of professional dehumidifiers for rent as well as with advice or recommendations for your particular situation.