Take Action Now Important Steps Flood Damage Restoration

Floods are unwanted and unexpected events that can leave serious marks on a building, but there are quick solutions to limit the damage.

Quickly dry the walls and floor

Among the first steps you need to take is to remove the furniture and quickly dry the walls and floor. Don’t waste too much time and look for a professional dehumidifier to help you speed up the process; it has a larger capacity than a normal dehumidifier. For the walls, you can also install an electric air heater.

Removing carpets and furniture

Another important step is to remove the wet furniture and carpets. Make sure you take them in a dry and aerated area, where they are protected from more damage and have the chance to dry naturally and completely. It is not enough to just move them from one side of the room to the other, in order to clean underneath them!

You can use a dehumidifier, which will be much more helpful than a heater, because it helps to extract water, unlike the heater that dries materials and surfaces, affecting their properties.

Damage assessment and photos

If you plan to make an insurance claim, you will need photos of the flood damage as well as a professional estimate of the repair costs. In this regard, considering the services provided by a flood damage restoration Denver company can be very helpful.