window mold removal needed

Most people tend to put all types of mold in the same “box” as they think about it. However, if you want to be thorough about it and consider all the possible risks involved with having mold in your home, you will have to learn about the various types of mold and what health related hazards they might entail.

“Black mold,” also commonly known as Stachybotrys, is a dangerous type of mold that can cause severe flu-like symptoms as well as stomach issues and memory loss. Children are typically at a greater risk of also being affected by the respiratory damage that this type of mold can cause, since their lungs are still developing.

If you have a poor immune system, then Aspergillus is one type of mold you might have to learn about. This mold is frequently present in the air, and most people breathe it in on a daily basis. It is commonly known to cause lung infections, and people affected by it are at a great risk to develop a specific infection known as aspergillosis.

For anyone suffering from frequent allergic reactions, it’s important to know about Alternaria. This mold can intensify your allergies, and it’s commonly found in canvas, cardboard and electric cables, as well as various textiles. No matter what type of mold there is it should be eliminated right away by a mold removal Denver company as soon as it is discovered.