Building fires can start at any time, and if you’re not prepared, you can lose thousands or tens of thousands of dollars worth of documents and equipment. Finding out the main causes of building fires can help you get properly informed and prepared, so you can eliminate as many of the risk factors as possible and equip your building with the right types of fire extinguishers to help your employees or tenants deal with the matter swiftly.

Cooking equipment is some of the most common cause of a fire inside a commercial building such as a restaurant or a pizza place. Having a Class A and a Class K fire extinguisher at the ready in a commercial kitchen can go a long way towards preventing severe injuries and damages.

Electrical equipment malfunctions and high voltage sparks can also ignite potentially volatile and flammable items from around a room, especially in places where you have a lot of extension cords and terminals. Class C fire extinguishers are the ones suitable for use in areas where the fire was caused by electricity.

The mix between flammable oils and gasoline in an auto repair shop or gas station can also cause a fire. This can happen not only in places where cars and vehicles are being tended to, but also in large factories and places where hydraulics and dangerous, volatile materials are used. So be sure to have a Class B fire extinguisher at the ready in and around these areas.

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