We Can Help Fire Restoration Ventilation Denver Specialists

A fire is an experience that no one wants to deal with, even if the total destruction of homes and properties can be limited by the rapid action of firefighters. Even a small fire in the kitchen may cause damage that requires thorough cleaning, not only in the kitchen, but throughout the house, to remove smoke and soot.

In the event of having to deal with fire damage, it is best to look for restoration companies in Denver, CO and let the specialists deal with the deep cleaning of the affected space, so that you can quickly forget about the fire and start using your house just like before.

First, the fire restoration Denver specialists will ensure proper ventilation of the space: open windows and turn fans and air conditioners on to help increase air circulation.

Next, objects from the affected rooms will be taken out and cleaned individually. In the meantime, the soot will be removed from the walls. You should never attempt to paint walls soaked with soot, as the effort will be in vain. Professional cleaning solutions must be used to remove soot and, only after the walls are completely clean and dry, you can consider repainting them.

If the smoke odor persists, being trapped in floors or in insulating materials, fire restoration specialists can consider a cleaning procedure called thermal fogging, which has the power to neutralize it.