commercial building leaking toilet pipe restoration

A toilet is a flood waiting to happen, as most plumbers will not hesitate to tell you, especially if you own an older toilet seat setup. The real issue is that it might happen when you least expect it. Your toilet could clog up, or the bowl could break under the pressure of excessive weight. When that happens, a constant leak will follow, since the toilet seat is constantly being supplied with water.

What you have to do in this case is to first turn off the water supply and then try to contain the leak as much as possible. You can use towels, large pieces of rubber or nylon, or bowls and buckets to remove water faster than it leaks. In the meantime, make sure you call a plumber as quickly as possible.

Now, the plumber might be able to unclog your toilet or fix the leak in a fair amount of time. However, you also have to deal with the water and contaminants that have made their way to your floor. Don’t be fooled thinking that tile flooring or concrete will be less likely to develop mold, since even that will not protect your health too much from the contaminants present in toilet water.

The best approach is to disinfect and dry off the affected area as quickly as possible. If the issue is more problematic, and you notice that mold has already formed, consider contacting a disaster recovery service at to help you deal with it more extensively.