Electrical Restoration Services Fire Damage

If you dealt with an electrical fire in the past, you already know how dangerous it can be. Unlike a regular type of fire, you can’t put it out safely using water, since water is a natural electric conductor, and it could end up shocking you or spreading the fire to other flammable surfaces by hitting them with electric sparks.

Although the temperature of any fire that affects regular surfaces like fabrics and wood will not burn at a much higher temperature than a few hundred degrees, an electric fire can be much trickier. Electric sparks and arcs can quickly reach temperatures of more than 1,000 to 3,700 degrees(!) so consider that before trying to tackle one of these fires. To give you an idea of what that means, industrial furnaces only burn at a temperature of about 1,700 degrees. The risks involved with an electric fire are often greater than those of an ordinary fire. So, if you don’t have a C class fire extinguisher at hand, or if the fire grows beyond your ability to contain it, then get yourself and your family out as soon as possible, and call the fire fighters. Also, once they contain the fire, make sure to call your local disaster restoration experts to deal with the aftermath of the fire, which can be significantly more dangerous to your health than that of almost any other type of fire.