HRS Restoration Services Denver Companies Utilize

Any violent crime leaves behind devastation, pain, suffering – and hazards for the survivors’ health. The fact is that any biological remnants pose a serious risk of infection for anyone getting into contact with them. Companies like HRS Restoration Services of Denver offer restoration services to help.

Our specialists in crime scene cleanup in Denver know that this means:

1. Potential Risk for Getting Infected with Viruses

Viruses are extremely resilient. Even after the bodily fluids have dried on walls, floors or carpets, the viruses they may contain can still be active and infect another person. Here is how long some of the most dangerous viruses can live:

  • HIV – 4 weeks
  • Hepatitis B – 7 days
  • Hepatitis C – 4 days
  • MRSA super bug – several months.

2. Infection Is Possible without Touching Anything

As crime scene remnants dry, the pathogens they contain become airborne. Thus, some types of infections can be caught simply by walking into the room and breathing the air. Families living in a house where a violent crime took place are advised to return to it only after hiring specialists in blood cleanup in Denver.

3. Household Cleaners Are Not Effective

Even if you believe the stain is gone after using household cleaners, the contaminants are still there and pose a danger for you and your family. Our specialists use professional disinfecting substances that are certified to kill all types of viruses and bacteria.