Fire damage is one of those risks that constantly loom over everything you try to build within your life. You can never be too careful, and there’s always the risk that a fire might be started, especially if you live in an area where the air is dry and your wiring system is not up to date.

However, the Denver property restoration experts can tell you that fires can and have happened even in constructions that are entirely new. All that’s needed is a tiny spark and the presence of dry, volatile materials to get it started. So virtually any type of wooden roof, patio, siding, or even interior elements such as wooden floors and furniture can lead to the onset of a fire.

Electricity is often the culprit, as complex wiring or a damaged or poorly grounded outlet can create sparks caused by thousands of volts of static electricity, which are easily capable of starting a fire. Additionally, new stoves can malfunction and gas leaks can easily lead to a volatile situation.

It is essential to have an expert check your systems on a yearly basis, even if you just bought or built a brand new home.

In many cases, it’s the most minor and seemingly insignificant faults that cause the biggest fires, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.