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Restoring Possessions

When disaster hits, it’s not only your home or business structure that is affected—your personal possessions are also damaged. We will evaluate the items that the water or fire have damaged to determine if restoration is possible. Many times, clothing furniture, electronics, and even keepsakes can be restored, lessening the stress of the incident.

HRS provides full-service content restoration

The HRS team will manage the content restoration process including handling the contents on-site, boxing and transporting them, attending to restoration, and storing the possessions during the reconstruction.

Why Choose HRS Restoration Services?

HRS Restoration Services is the best contents restoration company in Denver. Just ask our satisfied customers who rave about our attention to detail and rapid response time. After a disaster, every minute counts when it comes to restoring your belongings to a pristine state. Our trained, licensed, and experienced team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us, we can handle the entire disaster restoration process, including contents restoration. 

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Contents Restoration Examples

When disaster strikes, you not only have to worry about the safety of your family, home, or business, but you also have your belongings at risk. What will happen to your furniture, important paper documents, electronics,  and valuable, sentimental items like antiques and collector’s items? 

Even if insurance covers the cost of replacement, some items are irreplaceable. Enter HRS’s content restoration team with experience helping restore your valuable property following a fire, flood, or other disasters.

Wooden Furniture

If your furniture is solid wood it can usually be restored, unless it was submerged in water for an extended period. The wood must be cleaned and dried before a determination can be made. If your furniture has a veneer on it, it is not likely to be salvageable. If your wood furniture was damaged in a fire and is covered in soot, professional restorers can vacuum off the soot and recondition it.  

Fabric Furniture

If your home or business is affected by a flood, restoring your fabric furniture will be especially difficult. Mold spores can permeate the porous fabric, quickly making it a mold removal and water extraction job. A professional restorer can remove the fabric and apply replacement fabric if the metal parts of the furniture are unaffected. 

If your fabric furniture was damaged by fire, a professional restoration company will vacuum it, treat it with baking soda and specially formulated fabric cleaners to make it as good as new. 

Photographs, Important Paper Documents and Books

The sooner a professional restorer can begin working on water and fire-damaged photos, documents, and books, the better. We have helped restore marriage licenses, birth certificates, books, and family photos. HRS Restoration Services can remove moisture so mold does not have a chance to take hold. We may use a combination of sponges, fans, and dehumidifiers to completely dry out these items. 

Documents damaged by smoke and soot will be cleaned using a combination of chemical sponges and HEPA vacuums. HRS may also use ozone or other substances to deodorize books, papers, and photographs.  

Artwork and Sculptures

We understand how valuable your artwork and sculptures are, and we take great pains to patch, repair, and renew these items. We use vacuums, degreasers, and other cleaning agents to remove smoke and soot. 

If the artwork and sculptures are waterlogged, it is of the utmost importance to remove the glass, frame, and backing so the artwork does not adhere to them. A content restoration company like HRS Restoration Services will act quickly to air out the artwork and return it to its pre-incident state.  


Water can quickly corrode electronics, so time is of the essence when it comes to preserving your digital files and personal electronics like laptops and flash drives. The restoration process is complicated by other factors such as humidity levels, the severity of the water damage, how long the device was submerged, and even how the device is made. 

Following smoke damage, electronics are prone to short-circuiting or premature failure. HRS employs technicians with electronics restoration experience. These professionals will remove electronic items and relocate them to a clean and safe environment. At this point, they will assess smoke, fire, and water damage and work diligently to clean and restore them to working order. 

HRS Contents Restoration Process

A professional contents restoration company should follow a series of steps. First, professionals will secure the premises and identify which items can be restored. Next, they will pack up and move the items to a secure location. Then, content restorers make a record of the items to guarantee safekeeping. After documentation, cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing is completed. The final step of contents restoration is to return items to the home or office or leave them to be stored in a secure facility. 

Secure Premises and Identify Items to be Restored

Our contents restoration services in Denver will include an assessment and evaluation of the items in your home or commercial property to determine which can be restored. By noting the kind of damage that has occurred, and the current state of each piece, we can make an informed decision about how to proceed with the restoration process. 

Pack up Items to Move to an Off-Site Location

We carefully prepare your electronics, furniture, paper files, artwork, and collectibles to move them to a secure area away from your home or business. Once they have been moved, our contents restoration team begins the restoration process to return these items to their pre-disaster state. Using state-of-the-art technology, experience, and IICRC and EPA-approved processes, we can rescue and renew crucial business property as well as sentimental items from your home. 

Document Items to be Restored

HRS Restoration Services will itemize all the items to be restored so you can rest assured that your items are safe and accounted for. We will note what services are to be performed on the item so you can understand our process. Accountability and safekeeping are important steps in contents restoration. 

Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize Items

All items to be restored will be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized as quickly and efficiently as possible. The type of cleaning agents used will depend on the composition of the item, and the extent of damage it has undergone. Mold and water damage can be especially destructive, and the quicker we are called in to assist with these items, the higher the chance of recovery will be. 

Return Items to Premises or Keep Secure in Storage

The final step of our contents restoration process includes returning your possessions to your home or business or securing their final storage in a facility. We take great care transporting your possessions to your home once reconstruction and restoration are finished. 

Contents Restoration FAQs


What Does Contents Restoration Entail? 

Contents restoration involves assessing, and evaluating what items are damaged, removing them to an off-site location, inventory and documentation of tools, technologies and cleaners used, and safeguarding their return to your home or office. The main steps of the contents restoration process remain the same no matter what items are being restored, but the labor and length of time will vary. 

How Long Does Contents Restoration Take? 

Contents restoration takes skill, patience, and experience. We know your items are important to you, and getting them back into your home or business in their pre-incident state is our utmost goal. We work with your insurance company and any local authorities to ensure our contents restoration process commences as soon as possible following a disaster. Keep in mind that antiques and artwork may take longer to restore than electronic items and fabric furniture. Furthermore, if the damage was severe, it may increase the time it takes to restore the contents of your home or office. 

How Much Does Contents Restoration Cost? 

The amount you will pay for contents restoration depends on the number of items, the extent of the damage, and whether your damaged items will be covered by insurance. If you suffer a flood and have separate flood insurance, your items will be covered by your policy. However, the repair and replacement of flood-damaged items are not covered under your general policy. If the damage to your items resulted from your failure to maintain your home or business, the cost to repair may fall only to you. 

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HRS Restoration Services – Denver

When disaster strikes, HRS’s 24 hour restoration services are here for your emergency cleaning and professional restoration needs. In addition to water extraction and water damage restoration, HRS offers the following emergency restoration services:

Water Extraction & Water Damage Restoration

Discovering water damage in your home or business—whether from a flood, a dishwasher malfunction, or a sewer backup—can feel devastating. And it can be a serious problem if not dealt with properly. In addition to causing damage, water can also spread contaminants that may lead to disease. A quick response to water intrusion is imperative due to the invasive properties of moisture:


Fire Damage & Restoration

A fire can be the most traumatic and devastating experience a home or business owner ever faces. In a best case scenario, it can cause minor smoke damage; in a worst case scenario, it can obliterate an entire structure. HRS will help you navigate these stressful circumstances and bring your property back to a safely inhabitable state. 

Mold Inspection, Testing, & Remediation

No homeowner or business owner wants to hear that they have mold. Mold spreads quickly and can cause severe respiratory problems, especially in infants, children, the elderly, and those with health issues. Depending on the extent of the mold, a property can even be declared uninhabitable due to the threat it poses to the health of the occupants.


Trauma clean-up and bio-cleaning is not a subject people give much thought to until they need the service. When dealing with a crime scene at your home or business, or with the aftermath of a fatality, the emotional toll can be overwhelming. HRS professionals can help ease the burden of the situation by eliminating all trace of the death or incident. This includes removing unsafe items and substances such as blood, other bodily fluids, and filth, all of which can contain biological hazards.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is commonly found in older buildings, both residential and. It can be found in numerous construction materials, including concrete, asphalt, roof shingles, pipes, siding, wall board, floor tiles, joint compounds, adhesive, and insulation. The US banned the use of asbestos in the manufacturing of most materials in 1978, which is why we assume properties constructed before 1980 could have asbestos present. 

Commercial Restoration

Dealing with a disaster situation at a commercial property type requires an additional skill set. Unlike a residence, commercial buildings have employees and, often, patrons that are affected by an incident such as a water event or smoke damage. HRS will provide the necessary remediation services efficiently and discretely.