It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does your home can sustain quite some extensive water damage, and your neighbors won’t thank you if you end up flooding them either. Pipe leaks are one of the major source of water damage that homeowners have to deal with, and in some cases the cost of the damage can exceed several thousand dollars, and a need to hire water damage repair Denver CO experts right away.

Fortunately, if you deal with the leak early, you can avoid many of the costs. But even so, the following tips should be observed to make sure that the damage can be minimized as much as possible:

  • Identify the leak and attempt to contain it to a certain extent until you can find a good plumber. If it’s in the wall, you can’t do much aside from breaking the wall, but since you might not know the exact location of the pipes or the leak, it’s usually best to call a plumber to find the leak and do the work for you.
  • A leaking external pipe such as one leading to your HVAC or sink can be dealt with more easily. If the leak isn’t too bad, you can patch it up with some thick fabric or plastic temporarily. If it’s worse, make sure you use a bucket or a container to keep the leak under control. Then clean up any water that may have found its way on your floors and walls in order to prevent mold from forming.