If your building has been through a fire, one of the important steps of the restoration that should never be neglected is smoke damage restoration. Here is why it is such an important phase of the fire damage Denver process of recovery after fire:

  • Smoke can be as damaging as fire – all firefighters know that smoke can be at least as harmful and damaging as fire, what’s more, in many cases, fumes are harder to contain and more toxic than the fire itself. Smoke can not only lend a foul smell to the surfaces that it comes into contact with, but it can also penetrate deep under the surface and continue to destroy the belongings in the home affected by smoke.
  • Harmful for health – smoke is composed of dozens of toxic substances. Depending on the material that was affected by the fire, the resulting smoke contains particles that can be harmful for health and that need to be removed completely to make life in the affected space healthy again.
  • Home remedies are mostly inefficient – smoke restoration companies use special substances and special equipment to eliminate smoke damage. Their service is much needed because smoke cannot be eliminated with the help of the substances found in an average home.