There are many reasons why leaks could appear in larger buildings. In your home, it might be very easy to follow the leak to its source and find out that the culprit was some mild roofing damage or a window in the attic. However, some buildings have very complicated ducts, wiring and window opening systems, some of which require drilling in unexpected places and connecting the inside with the outside of your building.


The general checklist of finding a leak that originated somewhere in your building is to first follow the leak as far up as you can and then start ruling out various explanations. For instance, if you can’t discover anything on the top floor, then you can rule out the roof as an issue, and if the leak appears underneath a window but the window itself is dry, then you can assume a different source – such as a broken pipe in the wall of the building.  If that’s the case, contact HRS Restoration Services of Denver immediately to reduce the amount of damage to your building.


If you exhausted all the possibilities or the leak seems to be in an area that can’t be easily reached without, for instance, breaking down half a wall, then make sure you call a professional contractor to help you out and take care of the leak before it gets any worse.