Important Danger Asbestos Removal Rules Regulations

Optimal protection of installations, equipment and the environment are an integral part of decontamination activities. All decontamination work must be carried out in accordance with strict legal requirements. Substances dangerous to the environment and health, such as asbestos, often occur in the process of decontamination. Consequently, these operations must be carried out by specialized companies that have the necessary training and equipment to work safely.

Asbestos has been widely used in many construction products, due to its chemical and thermal resistance. However, it later proved to be very dangerous for humans, because it spreads easily in the air and can be inhaled. It is a carcinogen that causes lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Because of this danger, we now have very strict rules and regulations regarding asbestos removal.

Many older homes and buildings still contain asbestos elements. In addition, large quantities of asbestos are found in industrial sites (in the structures of halls, cooling towers, industrial equipment, etc.).

You need a professional Denver abatement team when you plan to carry out demolition or renovation work that involves such buildings and structures. It is forbidden to move asbestos on your own. Any objects or garments that have been contaminated with asbestos dust or that you suspect to be contaminated should be placed in plastic bags and sent to specialized laundries, which are properly equipped to clean items contaminated with asbestos.