Building restoration and disaster restoration jobs can be difficult to say the least. If you own a large building and you want to do some restoration work but you also want to keep your customers coming in, you’ll have to make sure that they are completely safe.

One method to do so is to not only mark areas where it’s unsafe and where people should avoid going, but also to restrict access physically through a barrier that doesn’t allow them access there. An example would be a shop in a large mall closed off to visitors during renovation.

Another method to keep customers safe is to restrict the hours when they are allowed in your building, so you can have your workers work on the renovation project when they’re not. This approach will be a compromise that allows your workers to perform even some of the most dangerous jobs daily, without however, endangering the safety of any of your customers.

Finally, you will want to inform your customers properly and provide them with guidelines on what areas to avoid and whether they need to take any precautions when they walk into a building. For instance, you will want to warn people who are sensitive to loud noises if the technicians are performing any sort of work that involves louder sounds.