Hidden Mold Property Restoration Services

Flooding can cause extensive damage. Mold is a huge issue surrounding flooding, because it is a problem that may not end after floodwaters have receded. Additionally, about 20% of homes already have some problems that allow mold growth in temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 100°F.

Molds are fungi that love dampness and can create an unhealthy living space for people. When present in large quantities, they are allergenic and even potentially harmful, on short-term or on long-term. But there’s a lot people can do to reduce or avoid potential problems.

Safety must always be considered first, when going into a flooded home, and if the damage is severe, you should call a property restoration company. It will cost you some money, but these people are pros and know what they to make your home safe again by using moisture meters, special equipment and by drying the wet areas completely, as quickly as possible, because mold grows on pretty much everything that stays wet for more than 48 hours. It can also grow in dry places, in special humidity conditions, so open all cabinet doors and use air-conditioning and dehumidifiers to remove moisture.