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Statistically, over half of residential fires are caused by cooking accidents. More than 4 fires a day are started by unsupervised burning candles. Every year, about 7,000 house fires across the country are generated by faulty electrics.

A fire damage recovery company offers cleaning and decontamination services, after a fire. In addition to cleaning by traditional methods and removing soot from the walls, there is also a modern technology – carbonic ice blasting, or dry ice blast cleaning, which can clean/ restore very efficiently various types of surfaces affected by fire.

Blasting with carbon ice can successfully replace blasting with sand, water jets, steam or solvents. The fundamental residue of carbonic ice blasting is sublimated carbon dioxide, which is an inoffensive gas. Once this method became operational, the specialists decided to introduce it in the industry of eliminating the damages caused by fires and got great results.

With this method, soot can be removed from walls, wooden surfaces, metal etc. Blasting with carbonic ice is a non-abrasive process, which does not damage the surfaces, nor generates waste and cleans impeccably mineral deposits, carbon, oils, grease, glue etc.

Carbonic ice cleaners are strong and quiet tools (6-7 bar). Fire restoration companies that use them offer dust-free cleaning services and generate 95% less additional waste than by sandblasting. Another advantage is that it is not necessary to dismantle the structures for cleaning them properly.