Emergency Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration

Discovering that water has caused damage to your home or property can leave you feeling frustrated, worried about the extent of the damage, and afraid that your property will never return to normal. 

We understand, our certified water mitigation and restoration technicians, some of who have decades of experience, have worked with clients who were feeling exactly the same way.

Water can cause damage to every element of your property. From drywall to doors, to flooring and furniture, it can permeate every part of your space. 

The good news is that emergency water mitigation and restoration services can remove the water, dry out the moisture that remains and return your property to its pre-damage condition.

Water mitigation is the process by which we remove any standing water or moisture that remains in your space. Water restoration, on the other hand, happens as soon as the drying process is complete and we are able to return your property to its pre-damage condition. 

The powerful combination of our certified, highly-trained mitigation team and experienced restoration professionals leaves you feeling relieved and able to return to normal use of your property when the mitigation and restoration process is complete.

When you have a water breach, contact us as soon as possible to start the process of cleaning and sanitizing your property.

What Is Water Damage Mitigation? 

Water mitigation is the process by which we remove water and moisture from your property and return it to a dried state. As water damage mitigation contractors, we begin by removing standing water, before employing the use of moisture probes, thermal cameras, and technical equipment to measure the extent of the damage caused by the water breach. 

This helps us ensure that your property becomes fully dried as quickly as possible and helps you avoid issues like mold and bacteria growth. 

During the emergency water mitigation process, technicians remove any ruined building materials and damaged items, before fully disinfecting the area. Our technicians salvage any personal items that remain and have them cleaned and returned using our content restoration services. 

Ensuring that your space is properly dried, cleaned, and sanitized minimizes the devastation you experience as a result of a water emergency. 

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Once the mitigation process is complete, your property is ready to begin the water restoration phase.

The water restoration phase is designed to return your property to its pre-damaged condition. 

As fully licensed contractors, our restoration team is able to repair your space, whether that means structural repairs, landscaping, interior repairs, plumbing or electrical. 

Our team can also repair many personal items such as clothing, electronics and furniture using our content restoration program.   

Water Mitigation Vs. Water Restoration? 

Water restoration and water mitigation services are two ways that we can help when you have a water emergency.

The water mitigation process is our first response and intended to remove the intruding water and moisture from your space. In addition, it is an important step as you return to a pre-damaged condition as the process limits the chance for mold and bacteria growth.

Water restoration, on the other hand, is the process by which your property is returned fully to its pre-damaged state. Highly experienced contractors work to repair personal items, interior, exterior, and structural damage. 

Both mitigation and restoration are important to the maximum positive result after a water emergency.   

HRS Water Damage Restoration Process

At HRS, mitigation and restoration of property that has suffered water damage comes in a multi-step process using the latest technology, certified technicians and licensed contractors. 

Restoration can be done for homeowners and commercial properties alike. In each case, our mitigation team initially removes standing water, assesses damage, uses high-tech equipment to remove all moisture from the space and ensures total dry out. 

This leads to the restoration phase where our fully licensed contractors are able to repair damage and bring your property back to its pre-water damage state in short order. 

Water Removal

Our team of certified technicians are trained to use our high-powered, truck-mounted equipment to extract standing water from your property and quickly assess any damage that it caused. 

This quick response and removal gives you the best chance for limiting damage that increases the longer water is allowed to permeate every element of your space. 

Damage Evaluation & Water Mitigation

After the water is removed, the work of mitigating damage begins. Using humidifiers, high-powered air dryers and thermal cameras, our team is able to find dampness and dry it before mold and bacteria begin to grow. 

In addition, the water mitigation emergency services team salvages any items that can be cleaned and returned, and disinfects the area for health and safety.

Water Damage Restoration

Once the mitigation process is complete and your property is in a dried state, our fully licensed restoration services contractors begin the work of repairing your space. 

In many cases, this work includes structural, interior and exterior repairs as floors, walls, electrical and plumbing can be affected by a water intrusion. 

Our restoration team can also clean, repair and return salvageable personal items. This unique offer allows us to bring you back cherished items thought lost to water damage in many cases.

Why Choose HRS Restoration Services?

When a water emergency happens, your first thought is often, “What does water mitigation mean and how do I find the best help available to return my property back to where it was before this happened?.” 

After helping many homeowners and commercial property owners like you, we understand this thought. That is why we have built a full service certified emergency water mitigation and restoration team for both homeowners and commercial property owners.

We offer complete mitigation and repair services. We promise to be with you from the moment you discover a water breach to the final return to a pre-damaged state.

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No matter if your damage is caused by water, mold, or fire, our team is ready to mitigate your damages and bring your property back to life. Contact us today to learn more or to start the process.

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what is iicrc and Why is it important?

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Formed nearly 40 years ago, it is a non-profit organization that establishes globally recognized standards for the cleaning and restoration industry, as well as providing certifications, journeyman and master designation, and education.

By choosing a firm with IICRC certified team members, you are assured the cleaning professionals have undergone rigorous training and will handle your disaster restoration with the highest standard of care.


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