Hazardous waste is represented by materials, substances or products that cause serious pollution, contamination or risk of disease to humans, animals and the environment.

Biohazard cleanup should be done by professionals. Actually, the correct word for the way hazardous waste from businesses or institutions is treated is “disposal”. By its nature, hazardous waste cannot be recycled, so must be neutralized.

Hazardous medical waste for example is disposed of in two ways: either by sterilization or by incineration.

Thermal sterilization or decontamination at low temperatures is recommended and used all over the world for the disposal of medical waste considered infectious. During the sterilization process, no physical and chemical changes take place and no pollutants in the environment are eliminated. Sterilization results in a harmless and odorless mixture, similar to household waste.

Incineration is the only method allowed for the disposal of pathological waste, cytotoxic drugs or chemical and pharmaceutical waste. Only ash remains after the incineration process, which is an inert material that can be deposited in the landfill and has a neutral effect on the environment.

Specialists in biohazard cleanup are equipped to do a safe job and have highly trained and skilled employers who use government regulated equipment as well as proper solutions for complete cleanup.