Bio Hazard Cleanup HRS Restoration Services

Any place, from the home to the workplace, can become a source of biohazard. Accident, illness and violent crime leave behind traces, in the form of biological wastes. Even if a wild animal crawls into your backyard to die, this is still a source of biohazard.

Our HRS Restoration Services specialists in biohazard cleanup in Denver have the right approach in any situation, no matter how sensitive or complex:

1. Identification of the Biohazard Source

We operate discreetly and efficiently. Our team will identify all sources of biohazard, be they blood, tissue, bodily fluids or IV tubes with needles attached. Depending on what we find, we will come prepared with the adequate materials and protective equipment.

2. Removal of All Sources of Danger

We will perform a thorough and in-depth removal of all biohazard materials. This means using industrial-grade disinfectants and other specialized cleaning materials. We do not leave any inch of the contaminated area unchecked. You can rely on our thoroughness and dedication to excellence in our work, as we know how important is for health and safety.

3. Remediation of the Affected Area

Remediation efforts include two steps: identifying salvageable items and restoring them and removing any items that cannot be salvaged. We know how to safely dispose of them, so that they do not pose a danger to anyone.