Crime Scene Cleanup & Restoration Company In Phoenix

Biohazard Cleaning & Reconstruction

When a crime is committed it’s a traumatic event, and often leaves a mess in its wake. Unfortunately, it is the responsibility of the home or property owner to clean up the mess that is left behind. It is an unpleasant task that most people do want to deal with, and because of the biohazard potential, is best left to professional cleaners. HRS can coordinate with emergency responders to determine when a scene is released, and clean-up can begin.

Restoring a crime scene commonly involves both biohazard decontamination and reconstruction of the area that was damaged by the event that transpired. HRS’s bio-cleaning team will quickly and thoroughly sanitize your property to ensure the site is cleared of all refuse and bodily fluids, abating the related contagions and health risks. Our reconstruction team can then proceed with restoring your home or business, rebuilding the structure along with your peace of mind.

Why Choose HRS Restoration Services? 

Choose a trusted company like HRS Restoration Services for crime scene cleanup in Phoenix. 

Our employees are certified and trained by IICRC and we respond discretely and promptly to make sure your home or office is restored to a pristine state. We’ve been in business for nearly forty years, this is a testament to our level of customer satisfaction. 

Call HRS for crime scene restoration needs throughout Phoenix.


Crime Scene Cleanup Process

When a crime happens, there is not only stress for you as a property owner, but also concern over potential damage or cleanup that is necessary to restore your property. 

Our team of highly trained and licensed crime scene restoration and mitigation technicians use professional-grade tools, disinfectants, and restoration techniques that will return your property to its original state.


Crime Scene Cleanup FAQs

We hope you never have to experience a crime, but in the event that one does occur on your property,  our team is ready to help.

With over two decades of experience cleaning up crime scenes in Phoenix, our team understands the stress that a crime scene can cause for a property owner. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be your trusted partner when you need us most.


What Are Crime Scene Cleanup Services? 

Crime scene cleanup services include assessing which bio-cleaning services are necessary, in addition to cleaning surfaces, removing toxic items, and removing leftover odors.

Crime scene cleanup services will restore your home or office to a safe, habitable space. Below, we address some of your most common questions about crime scene cleanup.


What Does Crime Scene Cleanup Involve? 

Crime scene cleanup begins when law enforcement is done processing the scene. Then, our team can assess the hazards that are present and select which bio-cleaning services are warranted. 

Crime scenes may contain blood and other biological fluids that are hazardous to your health. The cleanup will involve a hazard assessment prior to sanitizing with special cleaning agents. 

Typical cleaning services are surface-level and not appropriate for crime scene cleanup.

How Long Does Crime Scene Cleaning Take? 

The amount of time required for a crime scene cleanup will depend on the location of the crime scene,  the contents of the crime scene, the size of the affected area, and the type of crime. 

If law enforcement used tear gas at the scene, this is an especially hard substance to completely eliminate and could take more time.


How Much Does Crime Scene Cleaning Cost?

Most homeowner insurance policies cover the cost of crime scene cleanup. If necessary, we are available to work with the insurance company regarding any questions they may have. 

As long as your insurance policy for your home or business includes biohazard coverage, you will be reimbursed for the cost of crime scene cleanup. The cost will depend on the time it takes to complete the assessment, sanitation, disinfection, and odor removal. 

The cost for crime scene services in Arizona will increase in accordance with the amount of time and tools necessary to clean up the scene.


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We hope you never need our crime scene cleanup services, but if you do, our competent and skilled team of crime scene cleaners adhere to the highest industry standards and work diligently to restore your home or office to the way it was. 

We’ve been trusted to do crime scene cleanup for almost forty years and our customer reviews champion our discretion and professionalism.

After you call the police, make your next call to HRS Restoration Services for crime scene cleanup.

HRS Restoration Services – Phoenix

When disaster strikes, HRS’s 24 hour restoration services are here for your emergency cleaning and professional restoration needs. In addition to water extraction and water damage restoration, HRS offers the following emergency restoration services:

Water Extraction & Water Damage Restoration

Discovering water damage in your home or business—whether from a flood, a dishwasher malfunction, or a sewer backup—can feel devastating. And it can be a serious problem if not dealt with properly. In addition to causing damage, water can also spread contaminants that may lead to disease. A quick response to water intrusion is imperative due to the invasive properties of moisture:

  • Within minutes, moisture-sensitive surfaces swell and disfigure. Paper goods (books, documents, pictures) can be ruined and stains from furniture start to appear on carpeting, which can be permanent.
  • Within hours, drywall softens and warps, and wooden furniture can be permanently damaged. If carpet becomes delaminated (the primary backing separates from the secondary backing), it can cause irreparable damage.
  • Within days, fungi and bacteria begin to grow and spread. Foul odors start to permeate your property.

HRS’s IICRC certified clean-up crews are composed of expert technicians—including Master Water Restorers—who will ensure you receive the highest quality water removal and water clean-up services. Once the cause of the water emergency is mitigated and clean-up has been completed, our construction team can provide the building services you need—such as drywall, painting, flooring, electrical, and plumbing—to return your home or business to its original state.

Our local water restoration specialists are standing by 24/7/365 to help you through your water emergency!

Fire Damage & Restoration

A fire can be the most traumatic and devastating experience a home or business owner ever faces. In a best case scenario, it can cause minor smoke damage; in a worst case scenario, it can obliterate an entire structure. HRS will help you navigate these stressful circumstances and bring your property back to a safely inhabitable state.

The fire damage restoration professionals at HRS are available 24 hours a day! By carefully following our proven procedures, we ensure your property is brought back to the safe, comfortable space that existed before the fire damage and smoke damage. This begins with a property inspection to assess the level of structural damage and content damage. We will report our findings to you and answer any questions you may have so you are fully informed and understand what results can be reasonably expected.

In simple terms, returning your home or business to its pre-fire state consists of three general elements: structural damage restoration, content restoration and/or removal, smoke mitigation, and odor mitigation. Making sure your property is structurally sound is a priority. If there are stability issues, our professional restoration team can provide full construction services to rectify the situation. We will also remove any of your belongings that have been burned beyond repair, including items containing synthetic materials. Any items that are salvageable will be repaired and returned both to minimize cost to the home or business owner as well as to help lessen the anxiety of loss; unsafe items will be disposed of. Finally, our disaster clean-up team will remove all smoke residue, including the pervasive odor. Our IICRC certified Odor Control Technicians will use odor removal techniques include thermal fogging, high-level ozone deodorization, and hydroxyl deodorization.

Mold Inspection, Testing, & Remediation

No homeowner or business owner wants to hear that they have mold. Mold spreads quickly and can cause severe respiratory problems, especially in infants, children, the elderly, and those with health issues. Depending on the extent of the mold, a property can even be declared uninhabitable due to the threat it poses to the health of the occupants.

Mold occurs in damp areas and is often caused by water damage or flooding. Mold can also be the result of a current water leak or improper water leak clean-up from a previous issue. Mold can be present in carpet, wall interiors, floorboards, and ceilings, as well as easily spotted locations. HRS’s experts will determine the source of the mold, remove all traces of the mold, and repair or replace the damaged structures, ensuring the issue that caused the mold is remediated.

Due to the possible toxicity of the mold in your home or business, it’s important to have mold removal handled by professionals. Our Phoenix mold remediation specialists are IICRC certified in Applied Microbial Remediation, ensuring all aspects of the mold abatement are handled safely.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is commonly found in older buildings, both residential and. It can be found in numerous construction materials, including concrete, asphalt, roof shingles, pipes, siding, wall board, floor tiles, joint compounds, adhesive, and insulation. The US banned the use of asbestos in the manufacturing of most materials in 1978, which is why we assume properties constructed before 1980 could have asbestos present. However, it’s important to note that in our increasingly global marketplace, many building materials are imported from abroad, and not all countries have the same stringent guidelines as the US. Because of this, it is possible to come across asbestos in newer structures, especially commercial buildings.

The hazardous nature of asbestos abatement calls for professional remediation to ensure safe removal and disposal. HRS will extract all asbestos from your property to bring it back to a safely inhabitable space. Once the asbestos remediation is complete, our restoration team can rebuild the affected areas.

Reconstruction & Restoration

Handling a home or commercial property’s disaster situation requires both mitigating the issue and rebuilding the affected areas of the property. Once the emergency has been taken care of—whether it’s water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, trauma clean-up/bio-cleaning, or asbestos abatement—the property will need to be restored. This could include structural repairs, drywall, plumbing, electrical, and/or landscape replacement … just to name a few. As a fully licensed general contractor, we can provide these services to homeowners as well as commercial properties. Our work ranges from basic repairs to complex, multi-faceted projects.

Our reconstruction efforts extend to your belongings affected by the disaster. Our content restoration program will repair any salvageable items including furniture, clothing, and electronics.

Commercial Restoration

Dealing with a disaster situation at a commercial property type requires an additional skill set. Unlike a residence, commercial buildings have employees and, often, patrons that are affected by an incident such as a water event or smoke damage. HRS will provide the necessary remediation services efficiently and discretely. Regardless of when the damage occurs—during business hours or in the middle of the night—HRS is available to remedy the situation. Water damage … storm damage … mold remediation … fire/smoke mitigation … HRS’s professional technicians are ready to bring your property back to its pre-disaster state.

Even well-maintained properties can experience the need for emergency restoration services. Whether you manage or own a hospital, school, apartment complex, office building, hotel, church, or retail establishment, HRS can handle your situation and our IICRC technicians can give you the peace of mind that your property will be professionally repaired.

Our general contracting services include preconstruction services, value engineering, subcontractor solicitation and management, quality and cost control, change order management, safety plan and inspection, documentation management, status reports and record keeping, and project close out.