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What We Do

Our reconstruction and restoration company in Phoenix offers homeowners the highest level of personalized cleanup, repair, and restoration services. 

Whether you need mold remediation, smoke odor removal, asbestos abatement, etc., HRS Restoration Services is here to help. 

With certified technicians, licensed contractors, and professional staff ready to assist you, we can help bring your home back to life after a crisis happens.

Combining two decades of experience, our team works with you and your insurance company to assess the cause of your damage, clean and disinfect your space, and repair any damage.

When a loss occurs, contact us to start the process of bringing your property back to health and safety.

Water Damage

Whether due to natural disaster, burst pipes, or accidentally leaving the faucet running, we can take care of the damage for you.

Mold Remediation

Mold is not only an eyesore, it's a health hazard. HRS will take care of the issue and make your business or residence safe again, bringing you peace of mind.

Fire Damage

Both structural and cosmetic, fire damage can be devastating. Whether it's one room in your home or an entire commercial building, we can restore it.


The need for trauma clean-up and biological clean-up can stem from many events, including crime scenes, unattended deaths, and hoarding. Whatever the cause, we can help.

Always Available

Anytime of day, any day of the year, HRS is here to fix what may seem overwhelming and intimidating. Our team of professionals is here to help 24/7.


Once the initial emergency is managed, we'll proceed with restoring your spaces, making your home or business not only structurally sound, but beautiful as well!

Water Damage

Water can seep into many areas of your house or business, causing damage in places you might not expect. Be it a natural disaster, burst pipes, or accidentally leaving the faucet running, we can take care of cleaning up for you.

Fire Damage

Fire can be devastating. Whether it’s structural and cosmetic damage, our restoration response team in Phoenix can restore it.

Mold Remediation

Not only is mold an eyesore, but it can also be a health hazard to those who are exposed to its spores. Finding and stopping the source of moisture, and then cleaning and disinfecting affected surfaces is vital to protecting your health. HRS will take care of these issues and make your space safe again.

Trauma & Bio-Cleaning

Crime scenes, unattended deaths, and hoarding are just a few of the events that require trauma and biological cleanup. Whatever the cause or the extent of the damage, our Phoenix emergency cleaning services can help. 

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos fibers can cause severe damage to your lungs when inhaled. Our Phoenix technicians will remove and dispose of offending materials from your home or office to bring it back to a safely inhabitable space. 

Damage Restoration

Our Phoenix emergency restoration services can help restore your property when damage happens. Whether as a result of water, fire, mold, or other traumatic events, we can bring your home back to its former glory and with as little stress as possible.

COVID-19 Remediation

In a confined space, COVID-19 can spread through the air and on surfaces. To keep the highly contagious virus from causing illness, it is important to clean and disinfect all affected spaces and surfaces. We can help.


Helping Our Customers Immediately.

Figuring out what steps to take when disaster strikes can be a daunting task. HRS is here 24/7 to walk you through the process and bring your home or business back to habitable condition(s).

Restoration FAQs

When a loss occurs, it is vital to contact the best to repair and restore your home, and HRS Restoration Services in Phoenix can help. 

HRS is a leader in helping property owners when they suffer damage caused by fire, floods, mold, and a whole host of other disasters. 

Our certified specialists and licensed contractors can clean and disinfect, repair what can be salvaged, and restore your space to its pre-damaged condition.

What Is Restoration?

Restoration is the process of cleaning and restoring areas that have suffered damage. Its aim is to restore your space to the state it was in before the damage occurred.

This harm could happen on construction sites, because of biohazard chemical spills, after a fire, mold, flood, or other disasters. 

What’s The Restoration Process? 

When disaster strikes, your first thought might be around how long it will take to recover.

We understand. Our full-service process includes inspection, testing, cleaning, disinfecting, repair, and restoration of all affected areas. 

At our cleanup company in Phoenix, we understand your worries and will work to complete the process as quickly and easily as possible.

How Long Does Restoration Take? 

As a property owner, you can be sure that our Phoenix cleaning response team of certified technicians will work to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Restoration times can be challenging to estimate and vary depending on the type and degree of damage that was caused.

These variables include the type of loss that occurred, how long it lasted, the stability of the structure affected and more.

How Much Does Restoration Typically Cost? 

Our Phoenix team of restoration specialists will work with you and your insurance company to provide the highest level of service and ensure that your property is safe, healthy, and back to its pre-damaged state at the end of the restoration.

The costs associated with the process can vary depending on the type of loss and the extent of damage.

What Kind of Cleaning Services Are Offered?

No matter what type of loss you and your property have suffered, it is our mission to work with you to return your home to its pre-damaged condition in as little time and little stress as possible.

HRS Restoration Services is a full-service company that provides the best in cleanup, remediation, and restoration services in Phoenix.

For a combined two decades, we have worked with homeowners who have suffered a loss — whether it be from fire, water, mold, biohazard, or other trauma — to make their property safe and healthy.

Call Us Today To Get Started!

From the first moment you discover the emergency to the day we return your keys, HRS will be with you during the entire process.

Our team of certified technicians and licensed contractors offer the highest level of service throughout your remediation and restoration process.

When a loss occurs the first action you should take is to call the professionals at HRS. We are ready to help no matter the situation, whether fire, mold, flood, biohazard, or other trauma.

Call us today to get started.


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At HRS, we understand the panic that can set in when your basement floods or a fire breaks out at your business. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to repair damage and give you peace of mind.