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A fire can have devastating consequences: it destroys valuables, leaves soot marks and a pungent burning smell that can persist for a very long time. Most people who face such a situation attempt to clean the house on their own, but the work is very difficult, sometimes it involves not only cleaning but also restoration, and if you do not have the necessary experience, you will not succeed.

For effective results, it is easier and more reliable to entrust the fire restoration work to specialists.

A restoration company that has the right equipment and chemicals, as well as trained employees, will cope efficiently with the tasks related to cleaning and restoring. In addition, these operations will be performed only once, without the need to repeat them.

Special chemicals are used by restoration experts to dissolve and remove contaminants from various surfaces, as well as a special technology known as Soda Blasting, which involves feeding small grains of calcium carbonate into a jet of compressed air. This is not an abrasive treatment, but a gentle surface cleaning technique, which allows the removal of even the smallest particles of soot, from walls and other surfaces.

There are many restoration companies in Denver, and most of them are skilled and equipped to secure your property, eliminate hazards and clean up the mess associated with floods and fires. However, there are also companies like specializing in either water damage restoration or fire restoration, so make sure to look for the right service provider!