Restoration Companies Water Leak Repair Damage

The existence of mold in homes and workspaces is a severe health problem. Among the most common causes of the appearance of mold are listed floods, water leaks, sanitary issues, high humidity, and inefficient regular cleaning. The number of allergies caused by exposure to mold spores is increasing, and fungicidal infections have become very common. Mold requires proper treatment. The goal is to eliminate already existing spores and to inhibit a future occurrence by eliminating all residues that can support the growth of new spores.

Sandblasting with dry ice is a modern and very effective mold removal solution used by restoration companies Denver area. It is up to 80% faster than any other method. In contact with dry ice, mold shrinks and instantly detaches from the cleaned surface. In addition, sandblasting at shallow temperatures (-78 degrees) can extract moisture from the surface, thereby preventing the future appearance of mold.

This decontamination method can be used in both residential and industrial areas.

Restoration companies in Denver, CO, offer complete services for cleaning and removing mold from walls, roofs, fences, etc., because they can successfully eliminate the mold. Following professional cleaning, the surfaces remain ready for painting, renovation, or restoration, depending on your plans.