Disaster Restoration Services

If your home has been damaged by a disaster, hiring a restoration company such as HRS Restoration Services is a very good move, considering that the assessment you receive from it will help you understand better what you are dealing with. You will not have to worry about taking photos and gathering other evidence either; the restoration company will do all this, as well as the cleaning and restoring process.

If you decide to make a claim, filing it is pretty much everything you will need to do. The restoration company you hired will gather evidence, deal with the claim adjuster, negotiate your compensation and start restoring your home.

Last but not least, another great reason to select and hire a restoration company is to avoid your insurance company trying to pressure you into working with a provider they agree. Naturally, there are special price arrangements with that provider, but these things are not in your favor. That provider will have split interests, so they will not work exclusively in your best interests, which will likely impact the compensation you get, in terms of money and restoration work.  On the other hand, the disaster restoration company you hire works exclusively for you.